The Spirit of Transformation

"Our time is limited… So make sure you work on the things you truly love."

About Lighthouse

Established in May 2011, Lighthouse is a product incubation firm that focuses primarily on new media development. We maintain a strong culture of innovation, hence our credo is learning, growing, inspiring, serving and transforming. We were lucky to serve major Brands and even State Owned Companies in our early years and now work with top Brands and Agencies around Indonesia.
The reason to our quick success cannot be accredited to our innovation alone. Innovation would be incomplete without the correct execution. We have a strong operations team to complete our creatives, artists and technologists that make sure the vision is manifested as flawless as possible every step of the way.
If you are new to Lighthouse, we invite you to innovate together with us. Try our products and discover how you can earn more with less.

Our Principles of Innovation

Innovation starts from product development all the way up to after sales service
Our framework allows Brands to get creative while maintaining accountibility
Consumers love innovation, making yours social friendly can boost your returns