Breakthrough innovation in perfect execution...

In these times of great change, we believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for Brands to thrive by adopting more dynamic and social marketing strategies. This is why we made Lighthouse, an integrated team of seasoned creatives, artists and technologists, all working together to develop innovative yet accountable tools that can help us engage and achieve in ways that are more impactful and sustainable both for Brands as well as consumers.

New Media

"Make the customer the hero of your story..."

Maximize the impact of your communications plan by integrating Lighthouse New Media into your campaign. We focus on developing and managing social friendly Media that will allow you to create buzz and word of mouth around your campaign and your Brand. We believe that by engaging your customers in a more memorable and exciting way, we give them a reason to share your story within their social circles. For more info, checkout our New Media products or contact us for a presentation.


E-Commerce & Web

"Be available on-demand and visible when customers search..."

Depending on your product or service, you can engage your online customers with content and commerce. Our tech team are experienced in developing and managing the most social friendly websites and applications for your business. With a growing number of online browsers as well as shoppers, it is very crucial for your information to be not only available but also easily visible by utilizing the correct digital marketing tools and channels. For more info on our portfolio and services, contact our team directly.

Graphic & Art

"A picture is worth a thousand words..."

There is no doubt that visually engaging art creates attraction around your campaign. At Lighthouse, we have an in-house team that specializes in custom arts and illustrations, creative design as well as product design. Combining the art of modern design with ancient wisdom of energy, emotions and colors, our artists ensure that all of our campaigns and products are delivered in the most exciting and appealing way possible. For more info on our portfolio and services, contact our team directly.

Product Incubation

"Administration is work. Innovation is what we do for fun..."

Within our diverse team of talents, we have developed a culture of innovation in our daily work. Each team member brings in their own unique expertise and collectively, our ideas have been executed into breakthrough world class products. We also work in collaboration with partners outside of Lighthouse for certain projects as we believe that together, we can create better products for everyone. Check out our launched products below or contact us if you would like us to work on a specific product.

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